Helpful Reseller Tools

In this video I share how I pack and ship mugs, ties, small breakables, buttons, and jewelry.  
*Scroll down to check out the tools I use.

I show you how I package and ship 3 different types of items on Etsy or Ebay: books & patterns, jewelry & cufflinks, and fragile items. I also share how I save a bit of money using a Flat Rate Padded Envelope. Stay tuned at the end for Aunt Maggie’s Tip of the Day!
*Scroll down to check out the tools I use.

Packing Supplies I use:

These are the 6x4x4 boxes that I use to ship most things.  They are perfect for smalls, mugs, and jewelry.  Plus if the weight exceeds the First Class limit, they fit perfectly into a Padded Flat Rate Envelope.
I use this combo pack of poly bags because I like having a variety of sizes on hand when I’m shipping out different size items.  I also use these for Amazon FBA when sending in patterns or plush.
I find that these poly mailers are perfect for shipping out clothes and the vintage wrapping paper that I love to sell.  I just use a bit of cardboard to stiffen it up when sending things I don’t want to bend.
This scale is very similar to the one that I have for measuring larger boxes.  I couldn’t find the exact one I have on Amazon.  
This is the Dymo printer I use for labeling my products to send into Amazon FBA.  I don’t use this one for my shipping labels.  
This is the packaging tape that I use unless I find it cheaper locally. 
These are the labels I use in my regular printer to print my shipping labels for Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon FBA. 
If you use clear plastic bags without preprinted suffocation labels, here are some labels that you can get to put on them (or print your own).

Jewelry Testing
This is the jewelry testing kit that I use when testing for gold, silver, or platinum.  *Use safe testing practices as these liquids are acids.