How to Prepare for a Tutorial Video on Youtube -5 Tips for Preparing for a Tutorial Video

Sometimes my videos are a bit more relaxed and conversational, but when I am bringing an informational or tutorial type video, I like to have a plan.

So, here are my 5 Tips to Prepare for Tutorial Videos on YouTube:

1.  Do Your Homework

 It sounds simple, but make sure you know what you are talking about.  Visit websites and gather information.

2.  Wait

This gives your brain time to process and sort the information you are wanting to share, making the planning process a bit smoother.

3.  Prepare Yourself Mentally

Get yourself in the right frame of mind.  Your attitude and emotions will come across in the video.

4.  Prepare Yourself Physically

If you are creating a video that could have more longevity and attract watchers that may not be subscribers, try to look your best. 

5.  Who is the Target Audience & What Do You Want Watcher to Take Away

Keep in mind who you are addressing.  I’m generally pretty silly, but when I am putting out a video which is more educational, I try my best to tone it down and keep to the point. 

I hope you found this list of things to do to prepare for an informational or tutorial video on YouTube helpful.  

Check out the video here:

I’d love to hear what other tips you’ve got for preparing yourself for a video!  Leave me a comment down below.  

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