5 Things to Ask Before Buying a Jewelry Jar – Live Jewelry Jar Q & A – Jewelry Tools of the Trade

Jewelry jars can be a really fun way to treasure hunt.  I’ve found everything from vintage brooches, sterling silver jewelry, couture necklaces, high end costume jewelry, and gold gold gold!  Jewelry jars and bags can be a great way to dive into jewelry, but if you don’t follow a few key guidelines, you could be throwing your money down the drain.

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These are the questions I ask myself before I buy any jar or bag of jewelry.

  1.  Can I afford it?

  2.  Is there something in the jar that will make back my money?

  3.  Do I have a plan for testing what might be real?

  4.  What will I do with the duds?

  5.  Do I have someone or a group to go to to ask about unknown items?




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