10 Way to Get Buyers to Leave Feedback on Ebay & Etsy – How to Get Buyers to Leave Feedback on Ebay

I question that I get frequently from new sellers is, “How can I get people to leave me feedback on Ebay and Etsy?” Feedback and Reviews can be a make or break for customers when they are deciding on whether to buy an item from your shop or from another seller’s store.

Getting great feedback is essential, but there are right and wrong ways to get these reviews.

  1.  Include a Thank You card or a written Thanks on the invoice.

  2.  Make your packaging professional

  3.  Always have professional communication with buyers

  4.  Ship quickly

  5.  Under promise and Over Deliver

  6.  Disclose all defects

  7.  Packing Slip?

  8.  Have accurate shipping fees

  9.  Quick flips?

  10.  Be Patient – Do Not Chase or Nag Buyers to leave feedback


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