What are Men’s Accessories? Learning About Cufflinks, Tie Bars, Tie Tacks, and More

One of the first types of jewelry and accessories that I started selling were men’s accessories.  I loved the variety, compactness, and ROI.  I usually pick them up anywhere from pennies to $4 or so.  I don’t usually pay much more than that unless I know the potential profit is great.

Dressing up outfits with these accessories saw a resurgence in the late 90’s – early 00’s with the swing/lounge movement that became popular across the country.  That style flowed seamlessly into the era of Mad Men, the popular TV show on AMC that ran from 2007-2015.

At the bottom of the post, I’ll share some of the sales on Etsy from my men’s accessories.

I’ll dive into the differences, varieties, companies, and ages in future posts.

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Cufflinks have numerous varieties and styles.  Men and Women have worn cufflinks over the years to showcase personality and dress up outfits. They can be worn with regular/traditional cuff shirts or French cuff shirts.

Real Men Real Style has great articles and a Youtube channel with more detailed info.

Another easy way to add style, personality, and class to an outfit is to add a tie bar.  They range from a very simple metal bar to intricate etchings, designs, and stones.  Tie bars are also quite functional, as they prevent a tie from shifting around.  Tie Bars also vary in length/width and can match cufflinks in a set.

It is important when selling tie bars to indicate the width.

Check out this article by Tie Bar 101 – The Ultimate Guide about choosing the right width.

Here’s a great article by GQ sharing how to wear a tie bar. 

Tie Tacks are a pin that push through the tie and are affixed in the back.  These can be worn with and without chains.

Collar bars have to be one of my favorite thing to find and sell.  They are often overlooked and can be bought for next to nothing.  My personal lowest was 3 for 10 cents.  They usually sell for around $20 a piece.

I don’t find money clips too often, but they tend to sell fairly quickly.  There simple money clips that can be simple metal clips, leather, or ones like Swiss army knives.

Cufflink sets tend to take longer to sell for me than tie bars or cufflinks.  These are sets where the cufflinks match the tie bar.

Tuxedo sets and studs are designed to go through specially designed holes in tuxedo shirts.  I’ve seen the studs sold on their own as well as with cufflinks.

Tie Chains – Tie Bars with Chain

Tie chains affix behind the tie and hang on a button.  Tie bars can also be bought with safety chains or decorative chains.

If at anytime you notice discrepancies or have questions about the accuracy of what I’m writing/sharing, please let me know and we can look at all the sources and make sure the correct information is being given.

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