5 Tips for Surviving Summer Being Self Employed

How do we, the Self Employed, survive summer with kids, vacation, and the summer slump in sales?  I share my 5 tips and other weekly goals.

1. Go Easy on Yourself

If you are anything like me you plan way more than you can accomplish. Knowing that it is inevitable that you will likely not meet all the goals you have set for yourself can help you not be so hard on yourself.

2. Make achievable goals and don’t be unrealistic

I usually take the goals I can normally accomplish when the kids are in school and cut them in half.  Then if I finish half of them, I feel I’ve done a good job!

3. Make a schedule that really works

I’m not very good at switching gears, so finding ways to dedicate chunks of time to different tasks and setting aside specific times for family and work really help me be less frazzled.

4. Get the kids involved

Finding ways to get the kids involved give them a sense of contribution to the family and can be a way for them to earn a few pennies as well.

5. Remember what is most important

At the end of the day, if I’m feeling frustrated that I didn’t get all the tasks accomplished that I was aiming for, I try to remind myself that my kids and family are the reason I do what I do and that usually makes me feel that my time was well spent with them.  Summer will come to and end soon, and I will wish they were back home.