When Virtue Becomes a Vice – Why I Let It Go

I don’t normally write “bloggy” type posts. I’m more of a talky youtubey deliverer of my ideas and thoughts, but I’ve gotten a lot of comments about pursuing with vigor those who wronged me. This is my answer.
I was wronged. I was disrespected, and I was on the warpath. I was in the right. I was going to take all those that had wronged me down. I made a video. I called them out. My pain and anger would have satisfaction.
And then I stopped. I realized that I was hurting more than them. Certainly I could continue to scorch and burn, but, I thought, “Should I?”
I began to think of mistakes I’d made in the past that without the forgiveness of others could still haunt me today. I thought about the families and children of the men who had chosen the path that they did.
I decided to let it go. I had good friends listen to my furor and allow me the space to get my frustrations out. I am beyond grateful to them.
Here are a couple articles about when virtue becomes a vice. Sometimes being right isn’t enough and can lead you down the path of doing wrong.
Thank you for all of your support. I hope you understand.
I’m linking the videos below for reference.

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