Starburst Rock Cycle Activity

One of the first things my guys wanted to learn about when we started homeschooling was rocks and minerals.  We tackled the rock cycle in a few ways, one of them being with Starbursts!  Educational and Delicious!



Kitchen Scissors

Snack Bags

Pyrex Bowls

Canning Tongs

Sedimentary Rocks:

Start out by cutting the Starbursts into small bits representing small pieces of rock and mineral sediments that would travel down streams and be deposited by wind or water.  Lightly mash them together forming a “rock” where the different pieces are still identifiable.

Metamorphic Rocks:

To create metamorphic rocks you apply heat and pressure.  We did this by putting our sedimentary rock in a baggie and, using the heat from our bodies and hands and the pressure from squeezing it, formed a rock with heat and pressure.

Igneous Rocks:

*Parent supervision advised*

For igneous rocks we had to melt the rocks and then cool them.  We did this by floating pyrex bowls in a large pot of boiling water.  The Starburst rocks melted under these boiling conditions. We carefully lifted the pyrex bowls out of the boiling water with canning tongs.  If you are doing this in a classroom situation you can use a microwave to melt the Starbursts for the igneous portion.

Catch the whole activity video here on our Homeschool Honey YouTube Channel!

Tools We Used: