Instant Pot Beans and Ham (No Soak) – Pinto Beans and Honey Baked Hambone Ham Hock

Easiest Ever Instant Pot Ham and Beans (No Soak) - Pinto Beans and Honeybaked Hambone Ham hock

Pinto beans with ham and cornbread is a comfort food around our house and can usually be found on our table at least once a month or when family comes to visit.  It’s inexpensive to make, feeds hoards of people, and is always better the second day.

We buy hambones from the Honeybaked Ham Co. for about $2.25 a pound.  This week they had them buy one get one free, so we bought 4 and put the extra in the freezer.  Four hambones with enough ham for 3 or 4 meals each for $25 is a steal in anyone’s book!


1.5 – 2 lbs pinto beans

6 cups water

Honeybaked Ham bone

Instant Pot


    1. Slice excess ham away from bone, leaving on as much as you like for your beans.
    1. Rinse beans
    1. Add beans to Instant Pot
    1. Add water
    1. Add ham and cut away skin
    1. Close
    1. Pressure Cook High Heat for 40 minutes
    1. Allow natural release of pressure for 20-30 minutes
  1. Remove pieces of hambone and fat

Serve with cornbread

There are lots of variations that can be made to this recipe, from chopped onions to chicken broth instead of water.  We find that the ham and ham skin has enough flavor and salt to season the beans.

*Follow all the safety guidelines that came with your Instant Pot.