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I have to be completely honest about something.  I have always been skeptical (and possibly a little judgy) of online curriculums.

With my background in early childhood education, teaching K-4 in public school, and being a big supporter of real world, hands on learning, I honestly went into trying Teaching Textbooks with quite a bit doubt about it’s effectiveness for my kids.

My guys are both dyslexic and my 8 year old struggles with ADHD, and getting his work done everyday is a challenge.

Don’t tell my husband I said this but, I was wrong.  Yes.  I said it.  I was WRONG!

Teaching Textbooks has enriched our math curriculum and engaged my son who struggles with ADHD more than I could’ve ever expected.

Turns out my 8 year old is a very visual/auditory learner, and he absorbs the lessons and practices and applies them to other areas of learning.

For example, one of the lessons he learned was about lines and angles: horizontal, vertical, oblique.  Later that week his dyslexia tutor had him reaching his hand into a blind bag to feel a hidden foam letter and guess what it was.  At first he said “K” and when she pulled out an “H,” he exclaimed, “OH! I should’ve remembered that H has only vertical and horizontal lines, but K has vertical and oblique lines.”  His tutor’s jaw hit the floor!

That moment sold me on Teaching Textbooks.


Placement Test

Teaching Textbooks offers a placement test to help you decide which level will be right for your child.  Check out the Placement Test Here.


On the Go

We frequently “take our show on the road” and travel back home or work at coffee shops, parks, or at relatives’ houses and being able to log in anywhere, anytime has been a huge perk of Teaching Textbooks.  The program is even accessible on mobile and tablets.


Reads aloud lessons – Play, Pause, and Start Again features


Reads Lessons

Another major love that I have for Teaching Textbooks is that it reads the lessons, problems, and hints aloud.  With two kids working with dyslexia, reading aloud problems is a great way to scaffold learning.  They can try with or without, though they most always have the problems read aloud, and with the pause and rewind features, they can hear it as many times as they need to.


See How It Was Done


Hints & See How It Was Done

My guys love the hint feature which gives them a bit of a boost when they get stuck on a problem.  The “See How It Was Done” feature pops up after each question is answered and, if chosen they can have a walk through of how the problem could’ve been solved.  One of my kids watches every single one, while the other usually skips it.


Gradebook with Edit/Delete option


Parent Edit/Delete Features

In the Parent Log In, the gradebook feature gives you a quick, at a glance, look at how your child has done on each section and whether or not they chose to see how the problem should’ve been solved.

I have used this to go back and reteach concepts that were not mastered and then edited the answer choice or completely deleted answers/lessons when the kids needed to have a do over.


Read More About the Discount Here


Large Family Discount

We just have two kids, but I love the fact that Teaching Textbooks offers a discount to larger families. The discount works for a family of 4-8 students. You will pay $199.08 for the year and have access to one level per student. Students will only receive access to one level per year.


Want to see more? Check out this video on my Homeschool Honey Youtube Channel:


Want to try it for yourself? Click the image to get a free trail!


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Disclosure – I received 2 Teaching Textbooks 3.0 subscriptions for my children.  However, all opinions are 100% my own.

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