5 Things No One Tells You About Reselling

As much freedom as you have from working for yourself, especially as a reseller on Ebay, Poshmark, Etsy, or just online, there are some things that people just don’t tell you about becoming a reseller.

 You Never Stop Working

Unless you are a master at setting limits and scheduling, you never stop. I think this is true of pretty much all self employed people and entrepreneurs. You work is in your home and as a reseller, there is never a “done” moment

You Never Stop Sourcing

When you start you might quickly get the items you’ve sourced listed. I’d run home with my garage sale finds and list them, but almost as soon as I did, I was out again. Now, even when I have a year or more worth of things I could list, there’s the draw of the hunt. The treasure hunting bug has bitten and that FOMO is on

You Struggle Buying Full Price

NERF for $50? Lego sets for $75? After thrifting and seeing high ticket items out at garage sales makes it next to impossible to buy full price 

What is something you just can’t pay full price for?

You Get Junk Drunk

When you find a really good garage sale/thrift store/outlet, no matter how much you’ve planned to walk in and only spend x amount OR you only plan on buying x amount of items, that pull for things that you can flip doesn’t stop and the next thing you know you have an overflowing cart or pile to tote home.

Also, You can’t drive around the neighborhood on trash day without rubbernecking your neighbors trash pile.

Some Family and Friends Just Won’t Get It

Some family and friends will take time to see how reselling is a viable profitable business. Some will never get past seeing you as Oscar the Grouch and his delightful trash loving self!