Mug Life | What Are the Different Types of Mugs?

So you want a little slice of that #muglife ? Selling mugs on Ebay, Etsy, Poshmark, or other online sites can be a great way to turn a few cents into big bucks!

If you are wanting to sell mugs online, you need to know how to describe mugs so your purchaser can find the coffee cup they are looking for.

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Types of Mugs

Novelty Mugs

Novelty Coffee Mugs feature any sort of image, character, joke, or phrase that would interest different groups of people.

Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are usually insulated cups with or without a handle that have a lid to prevent spillage when in a vehicle or walking.

Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic mugs tend to be a bit thicker and sturdier mugs. Novelty mugs are often ceramic. Ceramic mugs are frequently what come with traditional sets of dishes.

Porcelain Mugs

Porcelain mugs have a thinner, finer construction. They are often marked fine bone china.

Diner Style Mugs

Diner mugs are even thicker than regular ceramic mugs and often shorter. They are designed to take a licking.. These mugs are rough and tumble.

Espresso Mugs/Demitasse

Espresso mugs or demitasse are much smaller mugs that are expressly for drinking shots of espresso.

Stackable Mugs

Stackable mugs are pretty much what they sound like. They stack on top of one another to save space. People frequently buy replacement mugs for their stackable mug set when one or more is cracked or broken.

Vintage Travel Mugs – Wide Bottom Travel Mugs

Many wide bottom coffee mugs like the one pictured above were the early version of a travel mug. They were designed to have a lower center of gravity and a wide base to keep the cup from tipping over or the contents from sloshing out.

Glass Mugs

Glass mug is pretty much what it sounds like. The glass can be clear or any translucent or transparent color.

Double Walled Mugs

A double walled mug us often plastic and has two layers with a hollow or empty space between to help the mug not transfer heat to the outer layer.

Shaving Mugs

Shaving mugs can, but don’t always, have a lip or section for the shaving soap and/or razor. Some mugs are “shaving mug” style mugs without the interior features. They can also feature a knob handle instead of a traditional handle.

Mustache Mugs

Mustache mugs are often confused for shaving mugs. In the 19th century when waxing a mustache was in fashion, the hot liquid in a coffee cup could melt the wax in a dapper man’s facial hair. This type of mug was created to allow the drink to pass through a small opening without ever touching the facial hair.

Footed Mugs

A footed mug features a layer that extends out at the bottom of the mug. Many shaving mugs and mustache mugs feature a foot.

Plastic Mugs

Plastic mugs are pretty much what they sound like as well. Some vintage novelty mugs are plastic and feature favorite characters like Snoopy and Hello Kitty. Tupperware and other plastic companies also created plastic mug.

Pour Over Mugs

Pour over mugs have a place for the loose coffee grounds or tea leaves to be held above the vessel of the mug and hot water poured over while being filtered by a sieve.

Stoneware Mugs

Stoneware mugs are thicker mugs and often have a freckled, spotted look. Some are carved with designs and glazed. Also, some stoneware mugs are handmade.

Handmade Mugs

Handmade mugs have a spiral, layered look that comes from a hand thrown pottery style. They are often glazed.

Enamel Mugs

Enamel mugs frequently have a metal interior with an enamel coating inside and out. Sometimes the enamel is only on the outer layer.

3D Mugs

Three dimensional mugs (3D) take the actual shape of an object, be that a volcano, alligator mouth, or fish!

Heat/Cold Reveal Mugs

Temperature revelation mugs change when the liquid inside the cup heats the image up or cools the image down to reveal another picture or words underneath a usually black layer.

Metal/Copper Mugs

These mugs can be smooth, hammered, or pebbled in texture. The copper mugs are often used for the drink, The Moscow Mule.

Soup Mugs

Soup mugs are usually wider and flatter/shorter than normal coffee mugs.

Beer Stein

While technically not a coffee mug, beer steins can be great sellers. They come in all sizes, with and without lids, and with different images on them.

Tea Cup

Again, not coffee mugs, but tea cups and saucers generally come in the porcelain style with the edges being a bit thinner than traditional ceramic mugs.

Cup and Saucer

Cups and saucers are not only for teacups. Mugs, espresso (demitasse) mugs and other styles of coffee cup can come with a saucer or small plate underneath to keep the liquid from spilling onto furniture.

Mug Descriptive Features

Footed Mug

A footed mug features a layer, small or large, that protrudes out from the base of a mug.

Pedestal Mug

A pedestal mug is similar to a footed mug in that it has a layer that protrudes from the base of the mug, but it differs in that it has a thinner layer connecting the base and foot of the mug.

Open Handle

An Open Handle mug has a handle that does not connect both at the top and the bottom of the cup. One or the other end will be open.

Closed Handle

A closed handle mug connects both at the top and bottom of the handle.

Curved Handle

A curved handle mug curves down from the top, almost in a half heart shape.

No Handle/Handleless

A handleless mug features no handle at all.

O Handle Mug

An O handle mug features a handle that is a circle, whether large or small.

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