How to Get a Goodwill Bluebox? What is a Goodwill Jewelry Blue Box?

The Goodwill Bluebox. Love them. Hate them. Gots to get them!!

What is a Goodwill Jewelry Bluebox?

Goodwill offers Mystery Boxes on their site and one of these is a 5 pound box of jewelry. This box can have anything from craft jewelry pieces to fine jewelry to costume jewelry. The thrill of the hunt is what draws most jewelry lover, and the hope for profit brings other.

When can you get a Goodwill Jewelry Bluebox?

Each Friday at 5pm Central time the elusive Goodwill Bluebox goes live and is snapped up with in minutes, if not seconds.

How can you increase your chances of getting a Goodwill Jewelry Bluebox?

While the Jewelry Mystery Boxes are a challenge to get, it isn’t impossible. These are the tips I follow to increase my chances:

  1. Set an alarm 5 minutes prior to give yourself time to get to a computer and start refreshing the page. (Sometimes they go live a minute or two prior to 5PM.
  2. Have Google Pay or Apple Pay pre-set up to make checkout faster.
  3. Only add 2 boxes to your cart. Frequently if you add more it will kick you back to the purchase page.