What is Damascene Jewelry?

Damascene, Toledo Damascene (Toledoware), and Niello (Nielloware) What is Damascene? Damascening is the art of inlaying different metals into one another, usually gold or silver into a darkly oxidized steel background to produce intricate patterns.  […]


Updated How to Embed a Video into an Ebay Listing – 2017 Update for Removing Active Content – Add a YouTube Video Tutorial

Sign up to join Jewelry Lovers and Sellers to learn more and share with other Jewelry Lovers! I was really bummed when Ebay removed the ability to add YouTube videos to listings.  It was an […]

All About Amber

Amber – Colors and Varieties

What is amber? Amber is a resin produced by coniferous trees, generally with yellowish coloring.  Amber comes in hundreds of shades and variations. Yellow The Yellow color of this stone is generally the most common. […]